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Fruit salad Song | Preschool Songs for Kids | Billion Surprise Toys


Fruit salad is a meal including various kinds of fruit, in some cases served in a liquid, either their very own juices or a syrup. In various types, fruit salad canister be acted as an appetizer, a side salad, or a treat. In this video chiya is instructing his brother and sibling, just how to make a fruit salad.

Delight in the" Constructing from Fruit salad"


Fruit salad fruit salad
Yummy as well as healthy fruit salad
Let's consume the fruits in a tasty means
Yummy and healthy and balanced fruit salad

Right here comes banana
Apple, Strawberries blueberries kiwi fruit
Ohhh it's gon na be a fruit salad reward

One banana One banana
One one one
Peel the banana, slice it great
Slice slice slice

2 apples 2 apples
One and two
Slice up Apple cut up Apple
Chop up slice up

3 kiwi fruit, 3 kiwi fruit
One two 3
Peel the kiwi fruit, cut it good
Cut slice slice

Four strawberries 4 strawberries
One two three four
Cut the strawberries slice it great
Cut piece slice

5 blueberries five blueberries
One two three four five
Take a section of a watermelon
Cut it, cut it nice

Now it is time to blend the fruits
Mix mix delicious fruits
Mix mix mix
Yum yum tasty fruit salad
It's time to eat the fruit salad

Yum yum yum
Yum yum yum
The healthy scrumptious fruit salad

Yum yum yum
The healthy delicious fruit salad
Yum yum yum



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